Special Guest Trainer Michael C Anthony. October 19-20. Toronto.

Coming Soon to Teach in Toronto
The Best Stage Hypnotist in the World

Mike Mandel calls him "The world's best stage hypnotist". He is the incredible Michael C. Anthony. He's coming to Toronto to teach you to ramp up your skills and confidence performing hypnosis demonstrations and much more.

Here's What You'll Get from

Michael C. Anthony in this Weekend Training


How To Get Volunteers EASILY.

Group hypnosis requires volunteers. Most hypnotists don’t know how to get them. You’ll discover persuasion tactics volunteers onto your stage with ease! 

Are You a Therapist?

If you want to scale your practice, this workshop is a must. Hypnosis demonstrations are the most powerful advertising tool you can ever hope for. Your show demonstrates your ability and convinces your audience you are more than capable of helping them.

The Secrets Of Instant Rapport?

You’ll Learn The Secrets Of Instant Rapport?Master the quick trick Michael uses that will have your audience on the edge of their seats in the first 10 seconds of your performance. You’ll learn it fast and use it everywhere.

Let's Talk Money.

We aren’t shy about discussing money. How much can you make performing hypnosis? What do different markets pay?

Building a Hypnosis Show:

Structure, Content & Delivery


Your Introduction

How to get it done professionally… for dirt cheap.

Your Lecture (pre-talk)

How to create a perfect, persuasive lecture (pre-show talk) that your audience will love!

Your Call For Volunteers

Michael C. Anthony's fool-proof formula to get lots of volunteers. It's simple, effective & powerful.

Setting up Hypnotic Trance

Most hypnotists know nothing about how this works in a group demonstration environment.  You'll learn from the world's best!

Suggestibility Tests for the Stage

Forget everything you know about suggestibility tests for therapeutic purposes. Michael will teach you how to deliver them for an audience.

Volunteer Management

Learn to determine which subjects are great, which will be placeholders and which will be sent back to the audience.

Your Induction

How to build powerful induction that not only puts your volunteers to the floor but creates an experience your audience will never forget.

Dealing with FUD

FUD is fear, uncertainty and doubt. Transform from prisoner to conqueror in seconds. 

Suggestion Delivery

How to deliver suggestions to your volunteers that are both funny and build an entertaining expectation for your audience. We cover group suggestions and single suggestions.

Building Routines

How to build routines that are hilarious, connected and memorable. This will get you booked over and over and over.


Mike & Mike Unplugged

Michael C. Anthony just happens to be best friends with Mike Mandel. We have never before put these two men in a classroom together to answer your questions about stage hypnosis, and how to combine stage skills with therapeutic hypnosis.  Part of this weekend will include the opportunity to hear both men speak on secrets, stories and methods that only a combined 65 years of stage hypnosis can reveal.


Blow People's Minds. Anywhere. Anytime.

Michael is a master mentalist. He will teach you mind-blowing effects out of his own act that you will quickly be able to perform, on stage, at parties, at the bar or for friends and family. These effects act as amazing hypnotic convincers. Mentalism is the ultimate ice breaker.

You will learn these three mentalism effects:

1. Make impossible predictions that come true.

2. Reveal a number somebody is thinking of.

3. Read the thoughts of a stranger hundreds of miles away.

These mentalism effects will make you seem like the smartest person in the room. Every time.

BONUS:  All live class attendees will get the professionally-recorded video version of this class FREE.