VIDEO: Stress Relief Hacks to Feel Better.

Destroy Stress in Under 60 Seconds with These 5 Proven Stress Relief Hacks by Mike Mandel

FAST. You need techniques that work quickly, and that's exactly what this video tutorial gives you. Expect results in under 60 seconds.

VARIETY. You need tools you can use anywhere. Whether you're driving, in a meeting or dealing with a stressful situation, at least one of these techniques can be used.

FUN.  When life gets too serious (and stressful), laughing is the ultimate instant cure. We'll show you exactly what we do (and try not to laugh with us! Try as hard as you can!)

QUALITY. We really took the time to make a quality video tutorial that's interesting and entertaining. This stuff really works! And it's our gift to you.

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A few screenshots from the 5 Stress Relief Hacks video ...

"Life should be fun. That's difficult if you're under enormous stress. Release the stress and get the fun back using these simple but FAST techniques!"

- Mike Mandel, head trainer,