Price Increase for Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy Effective Jan 31, 2024

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The Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy (MMHA) has been priced at just $47 per month since we launched it back in June 2013. Effective Jan 31, 2024, we are raising the monthly rate to $67 per month.

All current members will be unaffected. The price increase will only affect new members who join after the price increase takes place.

Joining before Jan 31st locks you in at the current $47/month rate too.

If you’re brand new to us and have never experienced our training, you could check out our Test Drive since it’s free and requires no credit card.

Or if you're ready to become a paid member now here is the order form.

The Academy is Incredible Value

When we first launched MMHA in 2013 it was literally just online video lessons. We didn’t even have a community yet! 

And the lessons were also not available at once. We drip-fed the lessons once every two weeks, so it would require 48 weeks of membership to unleash all 24 core lessons.

Over time we evolved our thinking. We added the MMHA Engage community. We decided to immediately unlock ALL of the core lessons for all members on day one.  

Here are a few of the things we’ve added more recently. 

Chris explains in this brief video (and we’ve summarized much of this below)

  1. Bi-monthly events. Each month all members get to attend two live online calls with us where we answer any and all questions about hypnosis, or we bring in a guest trainer who is a respected expert in a particular area of hypnosis. These are all recorded and archived for you.
  2. Certification testing. We don’t charge extra for this by the way.  All members of MMHA can achieve hypnosis certification through our program by taking the quizzes and the final exam that we offer.
  3. Brand new MMHA (version 2). In November 2023 we re-recorded the entire Academy from the ground up.  We re-built the curriculum and made it much stronger! 
  4. Practice Kits. Every core lesson in the Academy comes with suggested practice exercises that you can do on your own or with other community members.
  5. Practice Rooms. We operate practice rooms that all members can use 24/7. It’s just like Zoom but works on your browser so you can join from anywhere, anytime. Connect with other MMHA Storm Riders, make friends and practice those hypnosis skills!
  6. Staffed community hours. These happen inside the practice rooms and make it easy to know when more people will be likely to attend practice hours. And because these are staffed by team MMH, you can be sure that you’re not stuck wondering what to do.  We’ll suggest and help you organize into groups for exercises and activities.

Bottom line: Our students tell us that we’ve build the best hypnosis training program on the planet, and it also just happens to be the most fun, well organized, and well run.

Many of our students found us only after spending $10,000 on other hypnosis training that left them lacking confidence, reading scripts and generally not really understanding how to do hypnosis.

We solve those problems in a supportive, friendly environment, for a tiny fraction of the price. That’s why we’re comfortable raising our monthly membership rate as of Jan 31, 2024.

To join MMHA before the price goes up, simply check out our offer page here. Remember that if you choose the free Test Drive first you still MUST upgrade to paid membership before we raise the price. No exceptions. 

Here's a direct link to the order form.