The Architecture of Change at HTLive 2019

The Architecture of Change: Discover How to Craft the Perfect Client Session at HTLive 2019

9am to 5pm Thursday Aug 15th.
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Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson are returning to Hypnothoughts Live 2019 for the 5th straight year. We've decide to do something different ... something special.

We're holding a one day class called The Architecture of Change.

This class will focus on how to put together multiple tools in the context of a hypnosis session for your clients.  We'll discuss how to effectively gather information during the client interview, and how to integrate this with the intervention and transformation work. We'll cover multiple methods and aspects for change.

You will have a blast while hanging out with Mike and Chris for the entire day learning great tools!

How to Attend for Free

You can attend for zero dollars. In fact, when you sign up you even save money on your Hypnothougths Live ticket because we send you a special link to buy your ticket for $339 USD.

Did you catch that? You actually SAVE money by attending this class because you get a discount on your HTLive ticket.

Why is the class free?

It's an ethical bribe. It comes free when you purchase an annual membership to our flagship online training, the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy.

That annual membership is priced at $470 Canadian. That's approximately 335 USD, 310 EUR or 276 GBP and your credit card company / PayPal account will automatically handle the currency conversion for you.  It's super easy.

To find out exactly what's involved in the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy simply visit this page to read all about it.  Then come back here for the special signup form that gives you free access to the HTLive pre-conference class.

Sign up now, get immediate access to our online flagship hypnosis training, and then come on our to our one day live event in Las Vegas for free.

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Don't need the annual membership to MMHA? 
?No problem. You can purchase your seat in this class for the low price of $197 Canadian.  Click here for that option.

Offer Summary:

Simply join the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy as an annual member for $470 Canadian per year.  You get immediate access to our online hypnosis training platform and you get a free seat at our pre-conference class. PLUS you save money on your HTLive ticket because you can use our special discount link.

If you don't need the annual MMHA membership for $470, you can separately register for this class for $197 Canadian, and you still get the discount link to save money on your HTLive conference ticket.