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Go from Beginner to Hypnotic Rockstar in Just 8-weeks

This PROVEN hybrid training model really works. We work with you every week during 2-hour sessions, and you nail the fundamentals.

July 2024

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"Foundations LIVE is THE Julliard of Hypnosis & NLP training... Mike Mandel, Chris Thompson, & Timothy September teach you the steps and walk you through the dance. The performance itself rests in your capable, competent hands. Thank you!"

Sally O' Connor

Foundations LIVE Alumni

Gain The Confidence of a Hypnotic Rockstar

  • Discover how easy hypnosis really is without EVER needing a script.
  • Unlock the core elements of what makes a successful hypnosis session.
  • Develop the natural ability to speak hypnotically and become influential.
  • 8-weeks of supervised practice means you get hands-on experience with every single important core skill inside of The Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy.
  • Gain next-level expertise in assisting clients by honing the necessary skills to do full-sessions.
  • Benefit from weekly feedback plus special Q&A sessions throughout your Foundations LIVE training with us.

Give Yourself 8 Amazing Weeks of Practice

Weekly Practice Sessions

You get a VIP invitation to attend weekly live hypnosis practice sessions. This hands-on approach means you become more confident with every session.

  • Join every week & practice the fundamentals.
  • Receive homework + bonus challenges to continue developing your skills.
  • Gain insightful feedback from experienced hypnotists.
  • Each cohort runs at a the same time each week, and we alternate between morning and afternoon sessions, so if this current cohort doesn't suit your time perhaps the next one will.

Detailed Training Videos for your Practice Sessions

Each week you are given cheat sheets, video instruction, and pre-session tutorials. You get keep all of this even when your cohort ends.

  • Cheat sheets are provided prior to practice so you can use them if you need to.
  • Pre-practice videos explain the upcoming activities, core concepts and principles, plus considerations to make your practice session even better.
  • No fluff, just what's important. Since our training is principle based, not script based, you'll discover just how easy hypnosis really is so that eventually you won't even need the cheat-sheets.

Professional Feedback + Q&A Sessions

We give you immediate feedback during practice. Every session also includes a full general Q&A section. Plus you get a private community just for Foundations LIVE students.

  • Feedback from us helps you improve faster. It's your extra boost of empowerment as you build real skills.
  • Bring all your hypnosis questions to these special "just-for-you" Q&A sessions. We will be standing-by to help you along.
  • Q&A calls are recorded. Plus you can access all prior and future Q&As from other cohorts for ongoing support.

Principles. Not Scripts.

Scripts are a controversial topic. We believe that hypnosis should be like learning to ride a two-wheeled bicycle, where the scripts are your training wheels and can eventually be removed. Unfortunately though, most people end up using scripts like a crutch, meaning their two-wheeled bicycle becomes more like a tricycle.

Because of this, we teach you principle based hypnosis, rather than script-based hypnosis. Our method is simple and effective. It's how we've trained thousands of students worldwide to not just become awesome hypnotists, but...Rockstar Confident Hypnotists.

Foundations LIVE is a proven system. We never start with training wheels, and in just 8 weeks you'll look back in amazement at how EASY hypnosis really is.

How It Works


Sign-up for Foundations LIVE and join the private community. You'll also be granted access to the Foundations LIVE training materials inside the MMH members area.


Log in to your Foundations LIVE product and watch the required video training prior to each week's live practice session.


Join us LIVE for the scheduled practice sessions, which are immediately followed by the Q&A session. The Q&A section is always recorded in case you miss something.

Convenient Cohort Meeting Times 

Convenient Cohort Meeting Times

Each cohort runs at a specific time, and we alternate each time we run Foundations Live. We alternate each cohort's time to accommodate different time zones. We're currently alternating between 11am and 4pm Eastern. If this cohort meets at a time not convenient for you, the next cohort will use another time.

Each cohort runs at a specific time, and we alternate each time we run Foundations Live. We alternate each cohort's time to accommodate different time zones. We're currently alternating between 11am and 4pm Eastern. If this cohort meets at a time not convenient for you, the next cohort will use another time.

July 2024 Cohort:
Wednesdays at 4pm Eastern

The cohort beginning July 2024 will have two-hour practice sessions starting at 4pm EST each week for 8 weeks.  The first 75-90 minutes is typically practice, and the final 30-45 minutes is general Q&A. If this timing doesn't work for you, the next cohort will run at a different time of day.

The Next Cohort Begins:
Wednesday July 3rd 2024

The Next Cohort Begins:
Wednesday July 3rd 2024


You missed out!

Your 8-Week Syllabus

Practice Week 1 + Q&A

Jul 3 @ 4pm EST

(2 hours)

Foundations of Ericksonian Hypnosis Part 1

We believe that if you are going to do anything in your life, you may as well have fun doing it! Learning hypnosis should be no exception. In week 1, you'll discover just how easy hypnosis really is, and be introduced to a unique way to practice doing hypnosis with friends and family without ever telling them it's hypnosis! You'll practice revivifying a pleasant past experience using truisms / pacing statements, while calibrating the subject. Then we'll practice using pacing and leading statements together for a purely verbal induction.

Practice Week 2 + Q&A

Jul 10 @ 4pm EST

(2 hours)

Foundations of Ericksonian Hypnosis Part 2

Week 2 is where we'll claim that your hypnotic language generator is already well underway and being developed unconsciously. Then you'll probably laugh and say, "Yeah right..." and then at some point later in the week, you'll look yourself in the mirror, let out a sigh of defeat and proclaim, "THEY WERE RIGHT!" As you become more proficient with hypnotic words and language patterns this week, you'll also unlock the secret to rapid inductions using catalepsy along with pacing and leading!

Practice Week 3 + Q&A

Jul 24 @ 4pm EST


Embedded Commands, Analog Marking, & Mini Sessions

With your hypnotic language generator up and running, you'll be ready to start working with people hypnotically to facilitate change. You read that right. By week 3, you'll be well on your way to helping people with real world problems. This week introduces a simple step-by-step process for doing formal hypnosis in a compact session.

Practice Week 4 + Q&A

Jul 31 @ 4pm EST


Learning To Gather Information & Full Mini-Sessions

Having the right information is important, especially if you are wanting to help people with their specific problems. This week is all about gathering information! You'll unlock the magic of asking the appropriate types of questions before you do any formal hypnosis. Your confidence will skyrocket once you know what your subject needs, so they get the result they want every time.

Practice Week 5 + Q&A

Aug 7 @ 4pm EST


Universal Changework & SUDS

During this week, you'll learn a universal tool for changework and how to determine the level of change your clients undergo during their time with you. This simple tool will give you and your subjects the evidence they need to know something has changed.

Practice Week 6 + Q&A

Aug 14 @ 4pm EST


General & Isomorphic Metaphors

Metaphor is a hidden gem of changework. Milton H. Erickson was known for his ability to tell stories and change people's lives. This week is where you'll learn to do the same. You'll learn to create metaphor on the fly and discover how a simple story can produce amazing results.

Practice Week 7 + Q&A

Aug 21 @ 4pm EST


Nested Loop Metaphors

This universal tool of transformation can be difficult to master unless you have the formula. You'll learn the easy step-by-step method of nested loop metaphors and be one step closer toward metaphoric mastery.

Practice Week 8 + Q&A

Aug 28 @ 4pm EST


Guided Imagery and Direct Suggestion

This one-of-a-kind transformational technique was developed by Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson and has never been taught anywhere else. By claiming your spot for the next Foundations LIVE cohort, you'll unlock this new, never-before released protocol.


Bonus: Continual Access to Future Q&A Sessions

After your cohort ends, we will continue to deliver value by granting you access to future recorded cohort Q&A sessions!  

This keeps your momentum building over the long term.

Here's what you get...

Video + Live Training

We've made learning hypnosis easy and fun over the past 15+ years with our online video training courses. We've taken that same approach and applied it to a hybrid style learning environment. By combining our tried-and-true learning approach with comprehensive activities and homework in a live setting, you'll become a hypnotic rock-star in as little as 8-weeks. 

Private Practice Cohort

When it comes to learning hypnosis, the most difficult part is finding people who are willing to let you practice with them. Practice is the one key component of hypnosis that can take someone from beginner level to Rockstar confident. That's why the locus of focus during our time together is maximizing your practice time. Best of all, we provide you the practice subjects, all you have to do is show up!

Feedback + Q&A's

When you claim your spot to join Foundations LIVE, you get more than just practice. You'll also get immediate feedback during your practice sessions and have VIP-level access to live Q&A sessions that are recorded so you can watch them later. Past Q&A session recordings are also included. As a bonus, you'll also discover MMH exclusive protocols and techniques that you won't find anywhere else.

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Foundations LIVE Mastermind Cohort 2021 - 2022


Foundations LIVE Mastermind Cohort 2021 - 2022 Alumni


Foundations LIVE Mastermind Cohort 2022 Alumni

Hi, We're Mike and Chris.

The Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy is your ticket to hypnosis mastery and personal transformation. Mike and Chris have transformed hypnosis education into an amazing experience that is easy, fun, and supported by an incredible community of students from around the world.  

We take a hybrid approach in Foundations LIVE. You start by reviewing specific lessons from the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy, in advance of the weekly practice sessions.  That way we're not wasting your practice time with lectures. Instead, we focus on quality practice and feedback. We build you up, skill by skill, such that you are confident and competent in all of the core skills required to be a master hypnotist.

When you're finished inside of Foundations LIVE, you can keep learning with us through regular monthly events, and with our global community, "MMHA Engage", which is open for discussion 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

Foundations LIVE draws on our vast experience teaching the 5-day "Architecture of Hypnosis" in Toronto ... except that you don't need to travel and you'll get WAY more practice time. It really is amazing and fun.

Common Questions

What if I'm a total beginner?

Perfect. We love teaching beginners. Your advantage is you won't have to undo any bad habits. As long as you're willing to review the training videos and show up for the practice sessions, we will get you where you need to be.

What are the exact dates?

The exact schedule for the next cohort is higher up on this page in the "8-Week Syllabus" section. Click here and we'll take you right to that spot on the page. The July 2024 cohort starts on Wednesday July 3rd 2024 and runs for 8 weekly sessions. Each call happens at 4pm EST (Toronto time). Future cohorts may run at different times to accommodate our global student base.

How long are the calls and how are they structured?

Two hours. The approximate breakdown is 75 to 90 minutes for the practice portion and 30-45 minutes of general Q&A.  

Be prepared to show up on time!  We start the meetings promptly and we keep the opening remarks very short. That way we can dive right into a quick review of each group exercise, show you a demonstration, answer any urgent questions on the exercises, and then put you into breakout rooms to start practising.  While you're in breakout rooms, we move from room to room to watch you and make notes to share as feedback. 

We will never embarrass you by calling you out for a mistake. Instead we'll point out what we notice that you can all improve on, without pointing a finger at you. We want you to feel strong and empowered by these sessions!  And that's why, after 8 weeks, people are shocked at how much more confident they are.  We regularly hear students tell us they just booked their first paying clients ... all because of the confidence they now have!

What happens when I sign up for the current cohort?

You simply sign up to Foundations LIVE using the order form on this page.  We'll invite you to join the private community where you'll get introduced to your fellow students. We'll then communicate with you, prior to the start, by email and in the community group. Then, once we begin the 8-week training, you simply show up to Zoom sessions.  

We give you very clear instructions on what videos to watch before you show up, so you'll know exactly what exercises we are working on each week. But we'll still recap the exercises before we start, so you won't have to worry about remembering everything.

What happens when my cohort ends?

After your 8-week cohort ends, this is what happens:

1) You KEEP all of the training material that we gave you inside of Foundations Live.  You keep the product, the training videos, the cheat sheets, and the Q&A recordings.  

2) We continue to build value for you! You'll have access to the Q&A sessions of all future (and past) cohorts because they all get posted inside of same Foundations LIVE training product. 

3) You continue to have access to us via the larger community group, "MMHA Engage".

What do you mean by "foundations"

We think of the foundations as anything truly required to become a master hypnotist. We teach you the essentials of conversational hypnotic language first. What seems complicated at first is suddenly SIMPLE (give it 2 weeks). Then we help you learn easy inductions, and we show you how to elicit key information from clients and how to do change work with your client in trance. This way you develop true experience and confidence in customizing a hypnosis session on the fly. You'll be light years ahead of the script reading crowd.

Is this separate from the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy?

Yes. The MMHA is like the Netflix of hypnosis training. It's an amazing resource of organized lessons and supplemental training. But it has no live practice component. That's why we build Foundations LIVE.  It leverages our existing world-class training and gives us a way to show up LIVE, with you, to practice and offer feedback.  By adding this missing ingredient, you'll go from just studying to actually DOING.

By offering Foundations LIVE separately, we keep the price of MMHA very low for those who prefer a purely digital "study at your own pace" program. 

If you're already an MMHA member, you are ready to join Foundations LIVE.  And if you're not yet an MMHA member, you can add your membership right on the very same order form.

You are NOT obligated to remain an MMHA member beyond the Foundations LIVE 8-week program, but of course most students prefer to retain membership and even upgrade to MMHA lifetime access.

Also note that Foundations LIVE is now INCLUDED in your lifetime membership (and if you bought lifetime membership earlier at a lower price before we included this program, simply contact and you can upgrade to the newer offer for a very small price.)

What is the time commitment?

Great question! Here is a rough breakdown for you, assuming you are brand new to our training.  

You'll need ab out 4 hours per week broken down as follows:

Pre-session training videos: Budget about 90 minutes. We usually ask you to review 1 or 2 lessons from the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy before showing up the practice.  This helps everyone get on the same page for practice.

Pre-practice explainer videos: Budget 15 minutes per week. We've prepared really great videos to explain exactly what your practice session will look like.

Weekly practice plus Q&A call: Budget 2 hours (per week) for your Zoom session.

Homework: Optional, but recommended.  We'll suggest homework every week. The homework is usually to continue practicing the same skills from the weekly sessions. You can join forces with cohort members to practice together, or you can work with people from your everyday life.

What if I miss a session?

You get the most out of this by showing up. But if you do happen to miss a session it's not a big deal.  Here's why:

We maintain a 24/7 practice room for you.  If you simply can't make it to the session in any given week, you still have access to the pre-practice explainer videos that tell you exactly what we practiced. And you have access to the community (with your fellow cohort members). This means you can easily find someone to meet up, online, independently, to practice with you. Students are always keen to get extra practice!

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