What Others are Saying …

“Hands down, the greatest speaker, presenter, and educator on hypnosis and NLP I’ve seen.”

“He left me speechless”
People who know me know that not much throws me. But Mike Mandel left me speechless with his rockstar hypnosis abilities. And because Mike is so grounded in NLP, students really .. I mean REALLY get exceptional value. His teaching style is so elegant, so effortless and so brilliant. Students walk away with authentic skills every time.

“The best curriculum in existence”
Mike Mandel is the worlds greatest living hypnotist. I have been in the hypnosis business for almost 20 years and can attest to the fact that Mike’s teaching abilities and his curriculum are the best in existence. Within 10 minutes, his students (both live and at the online Academy) know they they are being taught by the gifted Grand Master of hypnosis. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student of hypnosis, Mike will take your skill-set to unimaginable new heights.

“A true genius”
Mike Mandel is truly a genius when it come to hypnosis. I highly recommend his training whether you plan to work as a hypnotherapist, or are simply curious about the power of the mind and want to learn hypnosis the right way the first time. Training with Mike is money well spent.

“Nothing rivals this training”

I signed up at another hypnotherapy training institute here in California. I dropped out after an hour. The teacher used so many filler words I knew I’d go crazy if I had to listen to him for 120 hours! I haven’t been able to find any teaching that equals the training I received from Mike Mandel in Toronto.

“Head and shoulders above 99% of what’s out there”
I recently ordered the Hypnotic Power Inductions video as well as Peak Performance, Memory Power and Stress Relief. Also been catching up on all the podcasts as well. Excellent stuff! I’ve been doing hypnosis for a few years and I’ve gotten more good stuff here in just a few weeks than in several complete courses. Love the introduction to NLP new code – very powerful stuff. Please feel free to use this as a testimonial if that is useful to you. By the way I love the quality of your recordings and videos – highly appreciated and head and shoulders above 99 percent of what’s out there.

Mike Mandel’s Peak Performance with Self Hypnosis is scientifically sound as it exemplifies the finest blend of the research practitioner model in Clinical Psychology.

Mike Mandel’s hypnosis self-improvement audio set is, in a word, outstanding. Mike understands how to convey important principles in ways that are inspirational and easy to follow. When I use Mike’s hypnosis audios I can sense that they’re designed to generate results on many levels, including consciously during the tuition sessions as he demonstrates techniques that can bring big benefits, and unconsciously, as he guides us through those wonderful trances that he presents so well.