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This is much more than a hypnosis podcast. It’s about hypnosis, NLP, personal development, peak performance and most importantly, FUN. Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson entertain you while sharing life-changing information.

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Podcast Session 18: Focus on Weight Management


Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson are back for Session 18 of the best hypnosis podcast on the planet! The world’s best hypnosis podcast is back! Brain Software with Mike Mandel session 18 is all about the topic of weight management. Our guest on this podcast is Didi Vergados, who is an experienced hypnotist with a […]

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Podcast Session 14: Hypnotic phenomenon, hypnosis uses, anchoring, amnesia and much more!


Mike’s next hypnosis training is now CONFIRMED and on our website. We talk in detail about more stuff that happened during Mike’s last hypnosis training including dental hypnosis, anaesthesia and analgesia, hypnotic convincers, suggestibility tests, amnesia (hilarious) and more. Mike talks about how to compound numbness using Glove Anaesthesia. He reveals some secrets about NLP […]

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