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This is much more than a hypnosis podcast. It’s about hypnosis, NLP, personal development, peak performance and most importantly, FUN. Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson entertain you while sharing life-changing information.

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Brain Software Podcast 39: Riders on the Storm


Episode 39 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel is now live! We changed up the intro music because enough of you have said the music was too common elsewhere. True true. It’s a standard Apple loop available in Garageband. ANyway, we’re back, and we have another awesome podcast for you. See if you can find the […]

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Brain Software Podcast 38: Flow State and Practical Jokes


Episode 38 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel is now live! This podcast episode was fun and (as always) hilarious. I think Mike outdid himself with the whacky ending. Since we’re moving into full transcripts (always available under the podcast tab at the show notes will be very condensed. Here are the show notes for […]

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Brain Software Podcast 36: Creating Peak Performance


Episode 36 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel is now live! This is an awesome podcast because Mike teaches you many of the techniques from his Peak Performance with Self Hypnosis CD. Here are the show notes for this episode Quick reminder: There is only two weeks left until the Jul 8-12 intensive hypnosis training […]

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