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These 10 Wellness Books Can Change Your Life


Mike Mandel and I have been running an online Wellness Academy for several years While people join our coaching program as a way to get help achieving a lean and strong body and a happy mind, you can make incredible progress on your own. One major step towards success: Getting educated so you understand what to […]

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Hypnosis Marketing: The One Minute Video


Confession: We used to be really horrible at making videos.  But I knew video was quickly becoming the future of the Internet and we had to figure out how to do a good job of making interesting hypnosis training videos to market our business.  I think we’ve improved. But a few weeks ago I stumbled onto a […]

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Podcast #110 – An Interview with Dr. Richard Nongard


Welcome to Brain Software Podcast, Episode # 110 where we interview Dr. Richard Nongard on hypnosis regulation, certification, legalities and the future And be sure to check out the show notes below while you’re listening. Send in your questions and ideas for future episodes, because Chris and Mike enjoy including your questions in the podcast! […]

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The Ultimate Hand Stick Tutorial from James Tripp

James Tripp Hand Stick Tutorial

If you’ve discovered hypnosis, no doubt you’ve seen cool hypnotic phenomena such as sticking someone’s hand to a table.  One of the best known modern trainers of hyposis, James Tripp, has made a real name for himself in teaching exactly this kind of trick.  It’s fun, and it’s a HUGE confidence booster for hypnotists. James just finished […]

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How to do Self Hypnosis …The Easy Way


People email us asking “How do I do self hypnosis” all the time. What if I told you self-hypnosis is easy, effective, and enjoyable?   I have a little secret for you. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. A trained hypnotist guides you into trance using a hypnotic induction, so you can access the part of you […]

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