Podcast #122 – Ramping up your Creative Power!

Welcome to Brain Software Podcast, Episode # 122 – Ramping Up Your Creative Power!

Here are the show notes:

Hey Fellow Storm Riders! It’s a helluva hypnotic deluge out there, we’re stuck here in a 1967 model grain elevator with Dave Ambrose, and we are Creativity Central. So get ready to unlock all of your awesome power!

And while we’re on the subject of creativity…

What ever happened to that old tranquility we used to know?

These are Dayz of Viktory, Skro!

So let’s get started…

  • We’re talking over each other again! Let’s keep the energy…
  • Check out Wizard School!
  • May is sold-out, but the June Architecture of Hypnosis has space still!
  • Think Tank Word of the Day: CALCIUM
  • Chris is damn persistent!
  • Alphonso’s questions…All about languages. Mike and Chris answer…
  • The Ericksonian paradigm can be adapted to any language…
  • We’re back to using principles, not rules!
  • Please! Notice the feet…Don’t mistake politeness for interest!
  • Creativity is our legacy as human beings…
  • It all goes back to Dr Edward De Bono – The father of lateral thinking
  • You have to move to the side and dig a brand new well!
  • You need a Provocative Operation – Induce Chaos!
  • The brain makes patterns and links things together…
  • Plastic plus Hotel makes something creatively new!
  • Your unconscious mind already has all you need…
  • Tap the Triple Warmer and say your affirmations!
  • Stupid ideas can lead to great ideas! Let them develop like a green shoot…
  • The ultimate strong adhesive didn’t work. It became Post it notes!
  • The Trigger Game is a blast to play. It helps you remember stories from your childhood…
  • Chris says “hard-drive” and Mike remembers his first computer experience!
  • PRICE is the acronym for Preparation, Reflection, Ignition, Chain Reaction and Execution…
  • Preparation gives your brain the Schema you need to be creative!
  • Reflection is thinking clearly about what you are going to work on.
  • Ignition introduces Chaos. You can use a random word, a Whack Pack, Delphi Deck, whatever…
  • The way to get great ideas is by generating lots of ideas…
  • Solve your problems at the Royal Ontario Museum!
  • Our Ericksonian Language Pattern cards introduce Order and Chaos!
  • The Chain Reaction is stepping stones! Go fast! Don’t judge your ideas yet…
  • Isn’t the real issue here…
  • Execution puts it into action. But is it feasible? Robot dinosaurs…
  • Black Hat only when you’re ready to implement the idea!

A Word From Our Sponsor:  Tonight on the Texas Schoolbook Depository Network:  The Little White Balloon

  • Jump right in! Jump in at the top and figure it out when you get there!
  • Don’t be afraid to be ridiculous! Remember Pet Rocks? Med Peds? The Duck Dance?
  • Mash things up! Throw things together and let your unconscious mind do the rest…
  • Metaphors! How is my problem like (x)
  • As If Frame – How would (some other person) solve this?

Empowering Questions: Ask yourself: In what area of my life am I going to apply my own awesome creativity…and how will my life change when I do it? What creative solutions will I find by activating my own wealth of unconscious resources?

Empowering Metafive: The Guinness Book of Records

Ending: The Little White Balloon

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