We’ve Got More Training Dates for 2015

With the global success of our Brain Software podcast, Mike and I have been dealing with a problem. It’s a high quality problem, mind you, but a problem nonetheless. Simply put, we have more students interested in taking the Architecture of Hypnosis (5-day class) than we can accomodate. Our waiting list has grown rather large which means we’re at risk of disappointing too many people.  We refuse to move the training to a much larger room because we really love the bond we built with our students, and we both think it would be really hard to do that with 50+ new students every time we run a class.

So we added another class.

We’ve now got June 22-26 confirmed for a 5-day Architecture of Hypnosis class this year (2015).  If you are already on our waiting list, then I’ll be sending you an email to invite you to register for that class. If you are not yet on the waiting list, add yourself so we can invite you to register as soon as a spot becomes available. Please note: Even though the waiting list is for the May 2015 class, we treat this as the priority list for the next class – including June 2015.  Beyond the June class we expect to run another Architecture of Hypnosis class in November 2015.

We also have training dates for Mindscaping and Graphology.

Mindscaping will run the weekend of June 6-7.  Graphology will run the weekend of Sept 12-13.  I’ll make sure the registration buttons for each of these classes are working in the next few weeks, but first I have to invite all of the people who expressed interest via email (since I haven’t yet implemented a proper self-serve waiting list for those classes).  If you’d like to get on the priority list for either of these classes just email us.

See you in class!

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