Brain Software Podcast 29: Hypnosis and pattern matching, dealing with grief and Mike’s hacked email account

Brain Software hypnosis podcastWe’re back with incredible 29th episode of Brain Software with Mike Mandel!. A lot of great discussion on this session as always. Without further delay here are the show notes!

  • Mike talks about the brain’s pattern matching system. As an example Elvis impersonators (back in the late 70s) could make women go completely crazy even though they knew it wasn’t really Elvis. Please completely ignore the Justin Bieber reference. When Mike and I record podcasts together we get into these bizarre yet hilarious states.
  • We talk about grief. Mike explains how grief can even be experience when fictitious characters die, and uses the example of Sherlock Holmes. As much as we try to avoid grief, we can’t avoid it. The feeling of loss that is created is what we’re uncomfortable with. Mike shares some strategies to deal with grief, seeing as he has dealt with it a lot personally in is own life. If you’re dealing with grief or preparing to deal with it, this is some pretty powerful stuff you need to hear.
  • Recently Mike’s email got hacked, and this leads to an interesting story about how one particular online marketing scam makes use of the authority principle. The scam was quite complex and well written … yet EVIL. So we break it down and discuss these things on podcasts because we want all to recognize them and avoid getting caught in a scam.
  • Mike segues into a hilarious story about his friend Paul holding up traffic on a totally deserted road while wearing a fireman’s outfit. Again, this plays on the rule of authority. I apologize for having to beep out a small but inappropriate joke that was not suitable for broadcast! If you ever come out to our Jiu Jitsu class or hypnosis training, we promise to explain it in full detail!
  • We’re introducing empowering questions with each podcast. Make sure to check out the empowering question that Mike poses to you towards the end of this podcast. It’s quite powerful. Do it.

Final reminders: Mike Mandel’s Architecture of Hypnosis class in April now has only 2 spots left. It will be filled up before you know it. If you’re hoping to attend, register. Otherwise you’ll miss it.

Closing metaphor: The bizarre story of surrogate EFT

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5 Responses to Brain Software Podcast 29: Hypnosis and pattern matching, dealing with grief and Mike’s hacked email account

  1. Julie Fagan February 27, 2013 at 7:36 pm #

    Great podcast, really like how you personalize the story telling. The use of humor is powerful.
    The empowering questions; the inside one, I think about losing the negative issues that I am carrying with me. Letting go is not easy, especially if they are unresolved issues.
    The outside one, I think about directing my focus toward my chosen path. What ever that is…

  2. Dwayne February 28, 2013 at 8:13 am #

    Hi I’ve been a fan of Mike’s work for some time now, I to love hypnosis and have read every book I could have possibly found on the stuff, but Mike’s no nonsense approach has always fascinated me. I’ve seen him on stage and video… And
    all I have to say is keep up the good work, I one day hope to be under your tutelage.

    The humble neophyte

  3. Jim February 28, 2013 at 3:46 pm #

    Hi Mike, Very interesting stuff, as usual.
    Have you tried Emotion Code? Its supposed to work great with animals (as well as humans).
    I like it in that it always leads me to an emotion to release quickly, even if I consiously don’t know what the root cause of a problem is, but in terms of results, in the real world, I’m not sure, as I haven’t had any remarkable results. But I’m improving all the time in many ways, so its hard to say. If noting else Dr Bard uses hypnosis in and interesting way and sets up some interesting beliefs.

  4. A.J. Sunseri June 9, 2013 at 7:53 pm #

    I found this podcast when toying with the search function in a new podcast app on my Android. This was my first exposure to both the podcast as well as Mike Mandel in general. I am very pleased so far. I have little tolerance for other podcasts when the “presenters” ( as you call them ) get off topic and engage in chit-chat. Somehow you guys manage to keep everything relevant and engaging. I find that much of the content is new information to me – such as the tapping therapy. But even the information that I am already familiar with is often presented in ways that make it easier to use, remember, and apply.
    Thanks !

  5. Sean March 25, 2014 at 7:56 pm #

    Great podcast! Do you have a resource that you would recommend for someone who is curious about EFT and the method you used with your cat? Thanks!