Self Hypnosis for the Immune System

Last night I went to bed with a terrible sore throat. It was the third day of having this soreness, and it did not seem to be improving. Normally these things don’t bother me as much, nor do they last as long as this one did.

Most nights, whenever I feel that I’m not going to slip into an easy sleep, I use the method of self hypnosis that Mike Mandel teaches in the Stress Relief CD. If you have this audio recording, then you already know that you must define three things consciously before you go into trance. First, define the length of time you’ll be in trance. Then define the purpose of the trance, and finally define how you want to feel when you come out of trance.

Last night I decided to go into trance for 10 minutes and to do so for the purpose of boosting my immune response, specificallyto this sore throat. Finally, I defined that I would come out of trance sleepy, and ready for bed.

I use this skill regularly, so it is very natural for me now. It lasted almost exactly 1o minutes, and I came out feeling very ready for sleep. I do remember that sudden awakening, “Hey, the trance is over, I guess 10 minutes is up” … but I don’t have any memory of what happened after that, I just know I did not wake up all night.

The best part was waking up this morning. I had discomfort in my throat, but it was mild and there was no incredible pain like I’d had the three mornings before. Usually sore throats are worst in the morning. Mine was much better. It isn’t gone yet but it is not painful, just uncomfortable.

Anyway, my point in writing this is that I believe our unconscious minds are a lot more powerful than we know. Using trance to work on the immune system is something I believe in doing. In my case, I believe it improved my body’s ability to fight whatever viral infection I had in my throat.

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