Paul McKenna on Weight Loss – Very Cool

Last night I had the opportunity to watch Paul McKenna’s TV show “I Can Make You Thin”.  I heard about this TV show from a good friend, and fellow hypnotist who also trained with Mike Mandel.  Apparently, McKenna got the gig because he hypnotized Ellen DeGeneres in order to help her quit smoking.  It worked, naturally, because he used NLP along with Ericksonian Hypnosis (a very powerful combination).

I’m not sure if McKenna’s show is an ongoing program or just a special for a few weeks, but it is worth watching.  Last night’s episode was about emotional eating, and he interviewed several folks who all described over-eating due to the stress in their lives.

Stress is a killer, and over-eating due to stress is quite common.  Therefore, a “diet” is not a solution, and eliminating the stress certainly can be a MUCH better solution.

Obviously this is why we are fans of Mike Mandel’s “Stress Relief with Self Hypnosis” Audio CD. Eliminating stress to reduce excess weight is important.  Remember, stress is responsible for the majority of all illness!

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