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The Problem with Hypnotic Suggestion (and how to fix it)


Trained Hypnotists and students of hypnosis often ask us how to write (or structure) hypnotic suggestions for maximum effect. We have some magical advice that will forever improve your work…. Don’t suggest. Direct. If this seems strange, or doesn’t make sense then keep reading. It’s all about to make so much sense. It just may […]

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Brain Software Podcast #48: How Metaphors Work


Welcome to Episode 48 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! Fair warning … we recorded this on April Fools’ Day. But we keep the content *mostly* serious after the joke is revealed. Enjoy the podcast. Here are the show notes for this episode: We spend a good chunk of time explaining how […]

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Forensic Hypnosis – A Different Approach

Note: This article on Forensic Hypnosis was written by Mike Mandel for ReSource Magazine several years ago. He dug up the original DOC file, so we’re publishing it here on the blog for everyone to enjoy. All the events in this article actually occurred. A few details have been changed to protect the privacy of […]

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