Our Current Product Catalog:

Below you’ll find a listing of all of our products. Most products are digital downloads, while some are physically shipped to you and others (like our online hypnosis training course) is delivered through an exclusive members portal. Products for self improvement are listed first, while hypnosis training products are at the bottom of the list. Click here to jump straight to hypnosis training products.

Best Deal: The Personal Development Academy

Mike Mandel’s Personal Development Academy is by far the best way to dive head first into the world of personal improvement. As you’ll see on this page it is a very complete training product on it’s own. But as part of the Personal Development Academy you also get free bonus access to 6 of our most popular individually sold products as shown in the image above.

This means The Personal Development Academy includes $312 worth of bonus products. Check it out here.


Individual Hypnosis & Self Improvement Products

Stress Relief & Self Hypnosis-3D

Stress Relief with Self Hypnosis

Discover unique methods to reduce your stress and use the hypnosis track to go on a miniature vacation in your own mind. Learn how to perform self hypnosis anytime you wish. This is an all-time favourite among customers, featuring a beautifully relaxing hypnotic session and a popular tutorial on how to perform hypnosis on yourself.

Peak Performance-3D

Peak Performance with Self Hypnosis

Have Mike Mandel as your virtual coach. Take what you already do and get much better with the power of New Code NLP and hypnosis. Make the changes you want to improve the quality of your life. This is a top choice among our performance-driven customers.

Memory Power-3d

Memory Power with Self Hypnosis

Discover amazing techniques to memorize almost anything including lists, phone numbers, license plates, people’s names, etc. Great for students or professionals looking to make a powerful impression. Reinforced with Mike’s famous hypnosis skills.


The Navigator System

Developed by Mike Mandel, the groundbreaking Navigator System gives you a way to give your unconscious mind instructions on how to get you where you want to go in life by using what we call “compass statements”. Many of our customers use this in conjunction with Peak Performance, although it isn’t required.


A Good Night’s Sleep

Insomnia, according to our audience surveys, is a major problem people face. Mike Mandel developed this product to give you a highly effective toolbox to fall asleep easily and get back to sleep if you wake up during the night. Hypnosis is one tool, but this goes far beyond hypnosis for insomnia.


Pain Management

Feel better with natural, drug free pain relief. Mike Mandel put together another incredible set of tools to help people reduce the intensity of chronic pain to manageable levels. You’ll learn several powerful techniques to accomplish this and get the benefit of hypnosis tracks to amplify the results.

stage fright

Overcoming Stage Fright and Performance Anxiety

The average person is more afraid of public speaking than death. How much more awesome would it be to supercharge not only your skills, but your confidence when speaking to crowds of any size. Mike Mandel teams up with executive voice coach, Jay Miller to deliver a knock-out combination of tools to get you to the next level.

Hypnosis Training Products

hypnotic power inductions DVD

Hypnotic Power Inductions: Elegant and Effortless Trance Creation

The average hypnotist is stuck with poor hypnotic induction skills that bore subjects into trance. This DVD and CD set will show you how to use catalepsy, confusion and shock to zone your subjects through the floor! Intended for hypnotists who already have a good working knowledge of what to do once a subject is in trance. Also see our complete online hypnosis training

Online Hypnosis Training: The Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy

Become an amazing hypnotist with the world’s most complete and effective online hypnosis training. Mike Mandel has taken the entire contents of his 5-day Architecture of Hypnosis live class and broken it down into bite-sized chunks. Student feedback has been truly incredible. This opens up world-class hypnosis training to a global audience. It’s still better to come to Toronto and study with Mike in person, but for those who can’t afford the time or investment, this is the next best thing.


“A true genius”
Mike Mandel is truly a genius when it come to hypnosis. I highly recommend his training whether you plan to work as a hypnotherapist, or are simply curious about the power of the mind and want to learn hypnosis the right way the first time. Training with Mike is money well spent.

Didi Vergados Director and Owner of Bloom Hypnosis