The Only NLP Training We Recommend

The Only NLP Training We Recommend

Here’s what Mike Mandel Has to say about Hugh Comerford and his incredible NLP training at NLP Works.

I have been practising NLP, both Classic Code and John Grinder’s New Code for many years, and am an NLP Trainer. Consequently, I know what NLP is, and also, what NLP is not. Over the last decade or so, a flood of “NLP” trainings have appeared that are NLP in name only, and bear little or no resemblance to genuine neurolinguistic programming.

When I trained with the late, great, Derek Balmer, one first needed an NLP Master Certification, and it still took 2 years to become an NLP Trainer. Derek’s testing was based on very rigorous criteria. Nowadays however, anything goes. Black Swan Theory, the Wisdom of Crowds, Fairy Tales, and the newest pop-psychology are all offered as NLP. It seems as though anyone can teach NLP without a valid Trainer’s certificate and in some cases, they have no certification whatsoever. If a “Trainer” is not certified by a recognized NLP body, then their trainings are meaningless, and the certifications they offer are worthless.

For this reason, the only NLP Training I recommend is that provided by Hugh Comerford at NLPWorks. Hugh Comerford’s training is exceptional, faithful to the original models, and the only training in the country that meets the standards of the Canadian Association of NLP.


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