IMPORTANT:You must read and agree to the following before joining The Wellness Academy

Wellness Academy Terms of Service

Standard Disclaimer Stuff:

  1. I agree to take full responsibility for my own results.  Nobody can do this for me.
  2. I understand that Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson have invested thousands of hours in their own educations on wellness, but are not medical doctors and have no official health or fitness qualifications just as Bruce Lee had no official black belts in any system.
  3. I understand that Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson will explain what they do and why they do it with respect to diet and exercise. It is completely up to me to decide to take action. I agree to consult with my physician if I'm unsure about anything.

Membership Information:

  1. My investment will be $497 (Canadian dollars) paid to Katliv Corp, in association with Mike Mandel Enterprises Inc.
  2. I'm entitled to access the membership portal and for a period of 3 months, which is 2 months beyond the coaching period)
  3. I'm also entitled to free access to the private Wellness Academy Facebook group where much of the day to day engagement will happen. This access is also limited to 3 months.
  4. After 3 months I have the option to remain a member of the Wellness Academy for the low price of $119 per year. This is strictly optional and I am under no obligation to make any decisions today.
  5. Free Bonuses: I understand that as part of this program I'm getting FREE ACCESS to several bonus products including Stress Relief, Peak Performance, The Navigator System, A Good Night's Sleep and Developing Personal Charisma. Sold separately these products are worth $266.80 and I can download everything even if I cancel.

Guaranteed Satisfaction: I understand that Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson can't guarantee my personal results but they DO guarantee I'm satisfied with this program. I can request a full refund anytime up to 60 days following my official start date of the Wellness Academy. That gives me 4 weeks of  group coaching and another full month to continue to experience the benefits of the program.  Start Date of January 11, 2016: I am joining the Wellness Academy starting on Monday, January 11th, 2016 and running through Friday February 5th.

Registration Closes in:

Your personal wellness won't get better unless you take appropriate action. We're giving you the keys to a 4-week transformation that you can test out with NO RISK and everything to gain. If you've been following our work for any length of time you know we deeply care about your results and we'll be there to help you. Join us.  Transform your life.