Special Event: Karl Smith Brings His Kinetic Shift Training to Toronto and California in 2017

Class sizes are limited, so book your spot to avoid missing out.

We first met Karl Smith during Hypnothoughts Live 2015 in Las Vegas. His energy and passion are incredible, and he brings a rare mix of skill and experience to the classroom. Karl served 12 years in the British army and has a long history with the police and emergency services.  He specializes in helping clients overcome past trauma, anxiety and stress. 

Enter the Kinethic Shift ...

Karl Smith has developed a fun, fast and (most important) effective approach to dealing with trauma, stress, anxieties, phobias and other common problems. It's called the Kinethic Shift, and he's been teaching it to growing numbers of hypnosis students around the world.

Toronto or California? 

Karl is coming to Toronto on the weekend of April 29-30, 2017. He'll be hosted by Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson. We're looking forward to learning this method ourselves, and we hope you join us!

Karl is also teaching in California the weekend of April 22-23, and he'll be hosted by our friends Scott Sandland and Richard Clark, the co-founders of the Hypnothoughts Live conference where all became friends.

Here's What Karl's UK Students Say ...

This two day course will accelerate your confidence and ability in any hypnosis environment. This will make you stand out in a crowd. Karl Smith's method has been taught all over the world and has produced real results, changing thousands of people's lives.

This course is suitable for a beginner, intrigued intermediate or seasoned therapist. This course will help you stand out in a crowd!

A Fun, Action-Packed and Skill-Building Weekend

Day One:

  • Hypnotic Secrets - How to Achieve Hypnosis in Seconds
  • Learn 8 Different Hypnotic Inductions
  • Ethics and Conduct with Hypnosis
  • Confidence Building with Hypnotic Phenomena
  • Discover How to Hypnotize People Anytime, Anywhere
  • Change Your Life and the Lives of Others

Day Two:

  • Dealing with Clients
  • Content Free Hypnosis Techniques
  • Discover Kinetic Shift Technique - A Method to Remove Fears, Phobias, Anxiety and Post Trauma
  • Make Your Clients Feel Energized and Amazing
  • Boost Your Confidence and Become Unique

Course Fee, Dates and Registration Links:

Newport Beach, California
April 22-23, 2017

Karl Smith will be hosted in California by Scott Sandland and Richard Clark. The location will be the Hypnosis Practitioner Training Institute in Newport Beach. The link below will take you offsite to their registration form.

Course Fee: $369 US

Toronto, Ontario 
April 29-30, 2017

Karl Smith will be hosted in Toronto, the by Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson. The location is the University of Toronto campus at Queens Park Circle. The link below takes you to our registration form.

Course Fee: $497 Canadian

Class sizes are kept quite small. A large number of people have expressed interest in this training. We recommend you book your spot now to avoid missing out. Karl rarely brings this training to North America, and we have no idea when we'll be able to offer this again.

Cancellation policy: If you are unable to attend class we will issue a full refund up to 4 weeks before the first day of class. Cancellations beyond that date are non-refundable but you can transfer your spot to a friend or family member who wants to take the class in your place.