HTLive 2017

Come to Las Vegas for Two Days of FREE* Training
in Ericksonian Hypnosis with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson

Plus SAVE $164 on HTLive Ticket ONLY UNTIL FRIDAY AUGUST 4th

* As you'll see below it's actually better than free.

Hey folks!  Chris Thompson here. As I type this page describing our pre-conference training for Hypnothoughts Live 2017 it's cold and wintery in the Toronto area.  I can't wait for summer and our trip to Las Vegas to hang out with all of you!.

Mike Mandel and I are honoured and excited to again be selected as instructors for a pre-conference workshop at HypnoThoughts Live.

Last year we did a one-day training in MINDSCAPING. Because we put together such an amazing ofer we had by far the highest attendance of any pre-conference event. We had a total blast with everyone.

This year we're making an even better offer! We don't take too many things seriously in life, but when it comes to customer value we do not mess around. 

Check out this year's HTLive 2017 Special Offer!

(If you're skimming this letter make sure to read the next few paragraphs)

Mike Mandel will be teaching on the Foundations  of Ericksonian Hypnosis for 2 full days prior to the official conference start.

Normally this would cost $600. But we're not selling tickets to this event. Just like last year we're giving the seats away to our customers as a bonus.

There is just one catch as with last year's incredible offer.

That "catch" is this:  You must first purchase a specially discounted digital bundle of training from us at $447 Canadian, or about $340 US.

When you purchase this bundle you automatically get a free seat at our 2-day pre-conference training in Vegas, AND you get a special link to save $164 US on your ticket to Hypnothoughts Live.  

When you run the math it means you're only paying about $180 US to get our digital bundle along with the free 2-day Ericksonian Hypnosis workshop.

What's in the bundle?

1) Our online Graphology training, which normally sells for $349
2) Our online Personal Development Academy, which normally sells for $197

(Click those green links to find out more about each course)

We decided to put this bundle together because it's the ideal combination of digital training for any hypnotist.  Graphology, or handwriting analysis, will help you to see aspects of your clients' personality when you look at a sample of their handwriting.  The Personal Development Academy covers an enormous number of self improvement tools that you can learn, adopt, and teach to your own clients!

For all you non-Canadians, you're getting an even better deal because our pricing is in Canadian dollars. Your US dollar, Euro or British Pound goes pretty far in Canada. Take advantage of our weaker dollar. 

Let's Recap the Whole Offer ...

Screenshots from the Personal Development Academy and all of the included bonus products?

You're purchasing a digital bundle for $447 Canadian.
That's about $340 US for our American friends.

The bundle includes our online Graphology Course.
It also contains our Personal Development Academy.
The bundle price is about $100 cheaper than the individual price.

But the best reason to pick up this bundle is the FREE ticket you get to our 2-day course:

The Foundations of Ericksonian Hypnosis
August 23-24 in Las Vegas at the Orleans Hotel
Normally $600 but included FREE with this bundle.

And  you also get a special link to purchase your HTLive ticket for only $285
That's a $164 discount off the regular price.

We are capping this at 30 people.  Last year we had 73 people register for our pre-conference course and we simply can't handle that many people in this  hypnosis workshop.


Q: How is the digital training delivered for the bundle I'm buying?

A: As soon as you've paid our fancy-pants system automatically creates your account inside of our membership area. You get a login and everything is put into your personal product library.  There is no expiry so you keep the training and you can access it all anytime.

Q: You're billing us in Canadian dollars? How does that work?

A: Your credit card company takes care of everything for you.  They convert our low-value Canadian dollar into US dollars or EUR or Pounds, or whatever your regular currency is.  People in the US and Europe are often surprised by how little things cost when converted to their home currency.

Q: Why aren't you just selling tickets to the live training like everyone else?

A: It's structurally easier for us. And by doing this we're giving you WAY more content for about the same price. That, and we're just not like everyone else.  We're different. We're Canadian. We like to give.

Q: How do I get my discounted HTLive ticket after paying for this bundle?

A: We'll email you a special link right after you finish paying. You'll still buy your ticket from the directly.   We're giving you the customer-only discount code.

Q: I already have the training you're offering in the digital bundle above. Can I come free?

A: No, but if you want to come to the pre-conference training just buy another copy of the digital training and you can gift the extra copy to a friend. Just email us later on to tell us who you're giving it to and we'll configure their online account.  You'll keep the bonus access to the live event.

Any other questions?  Email us at [email protected]
or reach out on Facebook Messenger


Chris Thompson and Mike Mandel.