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Serve This Hypnotherapy Sandwich to Your Clients

Hypnotherapy Sandwich

This “sandwich” should be served up to all hypnosis clients … and it’s even gluten free as you’re about to discover 🙂 No, it’s not something you eat. It’s a metaphorical sandwich that gives you a way to start and finish every client session. Read on … Session Structure? How to structure a session is […]

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The Problem with Hypnotic Suggestion (and how to fix it)


Trained Hypnotists and students of hypnosis often ask us how to write (or structure) hypnotic suggestions for maximum effect. We have some magical advice that will forever improve your work…. Don’t suggest. Direct. If this seems strange, or doesn’t make sense then keep reading. It’s all about to make so much sense. It just may […]

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5 Hacks to Reduce Stress and Feel Awesome!


Are you stressed out because of the crazy high-speed world we’re living in? If so, you need these tools… Before we dive into these stress-busting hacks, let’s quickly chat about what’s happening to society.  Technology surrounds us. It’s supposed to simplify our lives and make things easier. But there is a dark side too. Many […]

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Podcast #79: Spotting a Logical Fallacy


Welcome to Episode 79 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! Technical difficulties abound! Something went horribly wrong, but here’s the podcast anyway… (it’s not that big a deal) Check out the show notes below and scroll down to listen to the podcast directly on this page. Keep sending us topic suggestions and […]

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The Secret to Avoiding Manipulation and Guilt


Are you the kind of person who hates being manipulated? Do you sometimes find yourself agreeing to things that you’d really rather not do? Watch this video … (Here’s a link to the full video training reference in the video) I’m Mike Mandel from – I’m a professional trainer and speaker. And In this […]

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Podcast #78: Three Models of Language


Welcome to Episode 78 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! We are communicating with you from the very centre of the trauma room of the hypnotic rash ER! That’s how serious this whole storm thing is getting…and the snow has arrived! Check out the show notes below and scroll down to listen […]

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