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What’s the Wellness Academy All About?

We’ve had lots of questions about the Wellness Academy. I’ve answered them in this email to save time for everyone. We start the 4-week program this Monday, so if you’re joining us you must sign up by the end of the day this Sunday. Register here. Wellness Academy: Answers to Popular Questions Question: Who is […]

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8 Tips to Be Lean, Strong and Happy.

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Mike Mandel and I (Chris Thompson writing) have been long-time advocates of a healthy lifestyle. But as hypnosis trainers we’ve focused most of our energy teaching people how to run their own brains more effectively, and how to communicate with others. The stuff we teach helps people change their lives, but when it comes to […]

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Handwriting: What Signatures Tell You About Personality


Did you know that somebody’s signature, especially when compared to their handwriting, reveals a lot about their personality? In this short video Mike breaks down some of the aspects you can start to look for in signatures. Have fun with this stuff and let us know what you discover. Want more on handwriting analysis? Check […]

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Handwriting: Can You Trust This Person?


Have you ever wondered if another person is trustworthy? Of course you have.  We do it all the time when considering a new hire for our company, or recruiting a babysitter for our kids. A short sample of handwriting offers you lots of information to help answer that all-important trust question.  In this short video […]

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Develop the Handwriting of an Achiever!


Did you know that your handwriting says a lot about your personality? And you can gain insight into someone else’s personality by looking at their handwriting too.  Handwriting is best analyzed when the sample is cursive script rather than print, but you can still gain good insight from printing. In this short video, Mike focuses […]

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