What’s the Wellness Academy All About?

We’ve had lots of questions about the Wellness Academy. I’ve answered them in this email to save time for everyone. We start the 4-week program this Monday, so if you’re joining us you must sign up by the end of the day this Sunday.

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Wellness Academy: Answers to Popular Questions

Question: Who is the Wellness Academy really for?

Answer: It’s primarily for people who want to drop body fat. It’s also great for people who are already lean but need to improve their eating for long term health, or want to start adding exercise to their lifestyle without taking up a ton of extra time. People are busy!  We are too and we understand.

Question: How much time is involved in doing the Wellness Academy coaching program?

Answer: During the program you’ll need about 30 to 60 minutes per day. Weekends are optional. The content is all available on demand. You go through at your own pace.

Question: What if I don’t have time to keep up every day? 

Answer: Do your best to get through the daily material on the assigned day. But if life throws you a curve ball it’s no big deal. You can catch up the next day, or on the (lighter) weekend days, or later after the program ends. We’ve made it easy.

Question: What will you be teaching us?

Answer: We teach the science behind reducing processed foods, sugars and wheat while eating more high quality fats. We teach basic exercises that use your own body as resistance. You don’t need equipment or a gym membership. We teach mind hacks and give you self hypnosis tracks to listen to.

Remember that the diet and exercise stuff we teach is no secret! The blog post we published describes everything, and the real value of this program is: 1) We are great teachers; 2) We will be there to support and coach you; 3) You’ll be part of a group that shares your desired end result. Groups help each other.

Question: What’s that format of the training? 

Answer: It’s mostly video. Each day we give you several videos typically 5-10 minutes long so they’re easy to watch in one sitting. We also give you hypnosis tracks on several of the days to install awesome changes inside of your brain.

Question: What’s the group interaction like? 

Answer: We use a Facebook group, and it’s a closed group so ONLY members can see the content, not the public. Mike and I are both in there daily. We typically share what we’re eating, what we’re doing for exercise, and other members do the same. We answer questions, and people collaborate. This time around we’ll even be doing some live video broadcasts right inside the group!

Question: How do the weekly webinars work? 

Answer: Every Friday at 11:00 A.M. Toronto time we do a live video broadcast for about one hour. The broadcasts happen right in the members area. If you can’t make it for the live broadcast the videos are all recorded.

Question: What happens after the 4-week coaching period ends?

Answer: You can still access all of the content for review, and you can stay in the Facebook group forever because this program is still somewhat new for us and we want to reward early participants with lifetime access to the group.

The cool part about people who’ve paid for training is they tend to take it seriously and encourage each other for a long time. Plus – Mike and I will still show up in the group informally AFTER the coaching period ends. Why? We use this stuff too. We’re staying healthy ourselves!

BONUS Question: What else is included? 

BONUS Answer: Ok, this was not a real question but one I wanted to answer for you all anyway. Besides the Wellness Academy training that we provide, Mike and I are also including the following products that are sold on our website.

You get: 1) Peak Performance with Self Hypnosis; 2) Stress Relief with Self Hypnosis; 3) The Navigator System; 4) A Good Night’s Sleep. Purchased separately these would cost $208.

We ALSO give you two lessons that we have not sold separately before; 1) Designing Your Future; 2) Developing Personal Charisma. If we carved those out as separate trainings they’d probably be $97 each, but they are included in the Wellness Academy.

Customer Satisfaction Policy

We never ever ever want to keep your money if you’re not totally happy. It’s that simple.  If you go through this program and are not happy for any reason within 60 days just let us know.  We’ll refund every cent. Hopefully you all know that Mike and I are two incredibly caring and customer-oriented people, so this is a no-brainer. We’re not going to make you take any financial risk.

If you have any other questions let me know and I’ll reply to you ASAP.  Mike and I are pumped to start coaching this Wellness Academy group starting Monday morning. We just have to do our live Graphology training in Toronto this weekend, and then we get to enjoy 4 weeks of awesome group coaching with this group.

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