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The Ultimate Resource for Learning Hypnosis
and Making Powerful Personal Changes.

Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson in a Live Class

We Help People Build Better Lives!

You'll discover how to run your brain more effectively using the tools you already have. We'll also show you new tools to super-charge your life.

With us, you'll gain incredible skills you can begin using immediately. We hand you the keys to powerful personal change or hypnosis skills to help your clients improve their lives.

You'll discover why so many of our students say we've changed their lives through our community-focused online hypnosis training and live classroom small group training.

The Brain Software E-Book

Mike's "Brain Software" seminar is a huge hit with his corporate clients who pay thousands of dollars for an appearance. You can have the same awesome techniques in an E-book.

Change Your Life.
Or Help Others Change Theirs.

Become an Incredible Hypnotist

For coaches, therapists, social workers and the interested public. Get the best hypnosis training on the planet. Join our awesome online hypnosis community. It's like having Netflix for hypnosis training.

You'll develop impressive hypnosis skills no matter what your current skill level. That's because Mike Mandel isn't just a six-time award winning hypnotist.  He's a born entertainer who makes learning hypnosis seem so simple and fun.

If you're curious how we can help you develop incredible hypnotic skill, start by looking at our online training.

But if you prefer live classroom training we've got that too. Just remember classes sell out fast, and we only hold a few classes per year in Toronto.

Create Powerful, Personal Change

For those looking to get an edge on self improvement. Get real results based on Mike's decades of experience in coaching.

How can we help you?  Would you like to reduce unnecessary stress?  Discover how to enter “peak state” to boost your performance where it matters.  

Would you like to be more influential and persuasive? Fix that insomnia or chronic pain? Get past fear of public speaking and thrive as a speaker!

Mike Mandel combines incredible hypnosis skills with brilliantly simple education tracks to help you overcome problems and perform to the best of your ability. Want more detail? Click the button.

Our Five Star Brain Software Podcast

This 5-star podcast is co-hosted by Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson. It is easily the best podcast in the world covering topics such as hypnosis, NLP, personal power, self improvement and influence.

Chris has a knack for asking just the right questions, and Mike brings his comic genius and unmatched intellect, experience and talent. There is more amazing content in these free podcasts than most other hypnotists even have in their knowledge base.

Our regular listeners love the empowering questions, closing metaphors and bizarre humour, in every podcast.

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NEW PRODUCT: Hypnotic Language Cards

Hypnotic Power in a Box!

Never again feel stuck for what to say during a hypnosis session. These cards will give you confidence using the verbal patterns of Milton H. Erickson.

  • Powerful language snippets that create trance
  • Speak like a professional hypnotist
  • Unlock your hypnotic language generator
  • Radiate confidence and never get stuck again!

Developed by Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson of the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy.

These cards ship anywhere in the world. They are regular poker-sized cards. Work on your hypnotic language every day using these highly affordable cards!