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Welcome to Mike Mandel Hypnosis! We have what you are looking for. Interested in self-improvement (also called generative change) using hypnosis? We’ve got you covered. Looking for hypnosis training? Not only do we have the world’s finest online hypnosis training but we also do live small-class hypnosis training in Toronto, Canada. Not ready to invest in training? Check out our 5-star hypnosis podcast. It’s the most entertaining and educational podcast related to hypnosis, NLP and self improvement you’ll find anywhere.

Mike and Chris

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Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson (that’s us) are always creating and sharing. We love getting your questions and then answering them in videos or podcasts. We host live webinars and have a blast sharing hypnosis information with the planet. The best way to stay in touch with us is to sign up to get your FREE copy of the Brain Software eBook Edition. Not only will we send you this awesome eBook filled the the same tricks & techniques that corporations pay Mike thousands of dollars to train them in … but we’ll also send you a series of great Q&A videos about hypnosis and NLP.

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For coaches, therapists, social workers and the interested public. Get the best hypnosis training on the planet. Join our awesome hypnosis community. There’s a reason Mike Mandel is so highly regarded as a hypnosis instructor. He’s been doing hypnosis professionally since 1975. He’s won six awards as a hypnosis entertainer. His experience spans therapeutic hypnosis, stage hypnosis and forensic hypnosis. Students come from all over the world to study in a live classroom with Mike in Toronto.  And for those unable to make the trip, we’ve created the world’s best online hypnosis training, the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy. You’ve probably got questions. We’ve got answers. Hit the button below for additional detail.

Online Hypnosis Training

Hypnosis and Personal Change

For those looking to get an edge on self improvement. While Mike does see clients over Skype or in person in Toronto, most people get amazing results from his top-quality hypnosis downloads. How can Mike help you?  Would you like to reduce unnecessary stress?  Discover how to enter “peak state” to boost your performance where it matters.  Would you like to change the direction of your life through small, 5-second changes?  Are you dealing with insomnia, or chronic pain?  Does public speaking give you goose bumps?  Mike Mandel combines incredible hypnosis skills with brilliantly simple education tracks to help you overcome problems and perform to the best of your ability. Want more detail? Click the button.

Hypnosis for Self Improvement

“Hands down, the greatest speaker, presenter, and educator on hypnosis and NLP I’ve seen.”

Neil Strauss New York Times best selling author

“The best curriculum in existence”
Mike Mandel is the worlds greatest living hypnotist. I have been in the hypnosis business for almost 20 years and can attest to the fact that Mike’s teaching abilities and his curriculum are the best in existence. Within 10 minutes, his students (both live and at the online Academy) know they they are being taught by the gifted Grand Master of hypnosis. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student of hypnosis, Mike will take your skill-set to unimaginable new heights.

Michael C. Anthony CHt Founder of Stage Hypnosis University

“He left me speechless”
People who know me know that not much throws me. But Mike Mandel left me speechless with his rockstar hypnosis abilities. And because Mike is so grounded in NLP, students really .. I mean REALLY get exceptional value. His teaching style is so elegant, so effortless and so brilliant. Students walk away with authentic skills every time.

Hugh Comerford (NLP Trainer) Director and Principal Trainer, NLPWorks!

Our Mission is Simple: Helping You Live a Better Life.

No doubt you’ve thought about what areas of your life you would like to improve. With hypnosis, the power of your own unconscious mind is harnessed to unleash new behaviours or beliefs to assist you in making positive change in your life. You owe it to yourself to get the best products available on the market.

We believe that Mike Mandel’s hypnosis products (CDs, digital audio and video) are the best you can buy. We fully guarantee your satisfaction, and urge you to take action in your quest towards a better life. There is really nothing worse than wanting something and doing nothing to achieve it. Be better than that.

You only get one life. Make it the best you can! The products that Mike Mandel has created are geared towards helping you achieve exactly that goal. Mike gives you so much more than a hypnosis product. Unlike most other self improvement hypnosis recordings, Mike gives you a wonderful dose of conscious teaching first. Most other hypnotists lack the experience and diversity of Mike Mandel. So you’ll get a rich education on each topic before you move to the hypnosis tracks. Together, the conscious teaching tracks and the hypnosis tracks complement each other in a powerful way to change YOUR life.

In Mike Mandel’s products, the hypnosis tracks are the equivalent of having a a truly world-class hypnotist working for you. Mike Mandel’s eloquent use of Ericksonian language patterns and metaphor will guide you into as deep of a trance as you would like to go. While in trance, Mike installs powerful changes into your unconscious mind.

Mike is a six-time award winning hypnotist. For more than 40 years, Mike Mandel has performed therapeutic hypnosis in private practice, he has performed stage hypnosis shows that consistently earn rave reviews, he teaches advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis directly to interested students and in partnership with NLPWorks, who offer Canada’s most complete NLP training. Mike Mandel has worked for several police departments to assist witnesses of crimes to remember previously forgotten details through the use of forensic hypnosis. His dedication to teaching and practicing hypnosis is second to none, and his skill level is top notch. Read his bio for more detail.

“Head and shoulders above 99% of what’s out there”
I recently ordered the Hypnotic Power Inductions video as well as Peak Performance, Memory Power and Stress Relief. Also been catching up on all the podcasts as well. Excellent stuff! I’ve been doing hypnosis for a few years and I’ve gotten more good stuff here in just a few weeks than in several complete courses. Love the introduction to NLP new code – very powerful stuff. Please feel free to use this as a testimonial if that is useful to you. By the way I love the quality of your recordings and videos – highly appreciated and head and shoulders above 99 percent of what’s out there.

Roman Buchok Hypnotherapist - Winnipeg, Manitoba

Mike Mandel’s hypnosis self-improvement audio set is, in a word, outstanding. Mike understands how to convey important principles in ways that are inspirational and easy to follow. When I use Mike’s hypnosis audios I can sense that they’re designed to generate results on many levels, including consciously during the tuition sessions as he demonstrates techniques that can bring big benefits, and unconsciously, as he guides us through those wonderful trances that he presents so well.

Kerin Webb MA, D.Hyp, author of “The Language Pattern Bible”

The Brain Software Podcast

This 5-star podcast is co-hosted by Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson. It is easily the best podcast in the world covering topics such as hypnosis, NLP, personal power, self improvement and influence. Chris has a knack for asking just the right questions, and Mike brings his comic genius and unmatched intellect, experience and talent. There is more amazing content in these free podcasts than most other hypnotists even have in their knowledge base. Our regular listeners love the empowering questions, closing metaphors and wacky endings to every podcast.

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